Designing and delivering solutions to meet the complex challenges of each health plan we manage.

Consoliplex provides high quality health plan management services to chambers of commerce, trade associations and other organizations that aggregate small businesses together for health benefit solutions. In addition to providing high value administrative, technology, and advisory services to its customers, Consoliplex coordinates the efforts of the various service providers also required to administer the health plan while holding them to the same standard of integrity that Consoliplex demands of itself.

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Delivering Strategic Results

Establishing and managing a successful health plan can be challenging and time consuming. Our highly-trained and experienced professional staff of over thirty employees provides comprehensive plan management services to over a dozen plans covering more than 17,000 small businesses with over 130,000 employees across seven states. Our core solutions and approach are carefully designed to allow our customers to fulfil their management responsibilities and fiduciary obligations effectively and efficiently.

Meet Our Team

Consoliplex brings together a team of uniquely talented, mission-driven, and passionate individuals who care deeply about our customers and the company’s strategic principles of quality, value and integrity.

Consoliplex is led by the company’s Executive Team.

George StadtlanderGeorge Stadtlander

George Stadtlander


George, the Founder of Consoliplex, believes in the value of smaller employers joining together to achieve lower health benefit costs for their employees. In order to realize that value, Consoliplex employees play an essential role.  “I’ve seen many organizations in over 40 years working as an executive in the health benefits industry and what I’ve learned is that the best of them have the best employees.  The strength of our company lies with our team and the trust we have in each other to work hard, support each other and do what’s right for our customers.”

Jeff WilliamsonJeff Williamson

Jeff Williamson

President and Chief Executive Officer

Throughout his career spanning over 25 years focused on the health benefits industry, Jeff believes in leading through teaching and development to achieving success in business. “I feel strongly that the more our people learn about our company, the services we provide, the customers we serve and the industry we work in, the better they will be at their jobs. I take every opportunity I can to teach our employees and believe we serve our customers better as a result.”

Mark Hren at workMark Hren

Mark Hren

Chief Strategy Officer

Mark, a seasoned financial executive with nearly 30 years of experience in the health insurance industry, believes it’s important to never lose sight of the big picture. “It’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day concerns, and leave big picture challenges for another day.  But we discipline ourselves to regularly set aside time to consider big picture opportunities and goals for our customers and for our company. This focus energizes our staff and helps keep our team focused on the most important things.”

Chris Anderson at workChris Anderson at play

Chris Anderson

Director, Information Technology

As the Company’s information technology lead, Chris plays an essential role in the organizations’ broad IT management strategies and is responsible for maintaining the accessibility, functionality, and security of all technology resources. The implementation of an infrastructure and software tools that help facilitate sustainable growth for Consoliplex has been Chris’s primary goal since joining the team.  “A house built on a shaky foundation will not stand.  The same applies to a growing business.  Your tools must enable your growth, not hinder it.”

Glenn Gierman at workGlenn Gierman at play

Glenn Gierman

Vice President, Finance

While an experienced finance professional, Glenn also focuses heavily on data and analytics in his role as Vice President, Finance. Glenn believes in using technology to effectively and efficiently communicate financial data across multiple departments, both internally as well as externally. Glenn is proud of how he and his team are making an impact on each client’s digital transformation journey. “I am very excited to have worked with many clients on putting a sound data management foundation in place to make this new platform a success for them.”

Allegra Prewitt at workAllegra Prewitt at play

Allegra Prewitt

Director, Operations

Allegra enjoys the nuances and complexity of health plan management from pre to post implementation. Having over fifteen years’ experience in the insurance industry, she recognizes that understanding the details is important to managing the day-to day for long-term success and sustainability for all our arrangements.  “No two arrangements are alike, whether it’s managing a project, Medicare Primary registration, continuation or compliance, my team and I are focused on the details to deliver good service, win-win solutions and desired outcomes for our customers and stakeholders.”

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