Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about Consoliplex and our services.

What is Consoliplex and what does it specialize in?2024-03-04T15:15:00-05:00

Consoliplex is a leading organization specializing in the formation and development of healthcare solutions, primarily catering to large purchasing entities such as associations. It focuses on providing high-quality, cost-effective plan management services for aggregative purchasing models for healthcare benefits.

What is the mission of Consoliplex?2024-03-04T15:14:35-05:00

Consoliplex’s mission is to consolidate the complex challenges of health plan management by delivering high-quality plan management services to its customers, including financial reporting, contract management, and compliance with federal and state requirements.

What are the strategic principles guiding Consoliplex’s operations?2024-03-19T11:59:55-04:00

Consoliplex operates on three strategic principles: Integrity, ensuring honest and fact-based decision-making; Quality, delivering high-quality plan management with attention to detail and depth of knowledge; Value, striving to provide world-class service while keeping plan costs affordable; and Transparency, Consoliplex maintains an unwavering commitment to openness and clarity in its operations, fostering trust and accountability among stakeholders through clear communication and disclosure.

How does Consoliplex structure its arrangements, and what are MEWAs?2024-03-04T15:13:42-05:00

Many of Consoliplex’s arrangements are structured under Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement (MEWA) provisions of federal and state legislation. MEWAs allow for greater flexibility in delivering benefits and are not subject to certain ACA regulatory requirements, instead being overseen by individual states.

What services does Consoliplex offer for potential arrangements?2024-03-04T15:11:49-05:00

Consoliplex provides a range of services, including legal construction, claims administration, reinsurance development, trustee education, continuation, assistance with Medicare primary registration, regulatory compliance, capital structure management, and financial services for potential arrangements.

How does Consoliplex prioritize integrity and transparency in its operations?2024-03-04T15:11:20-05:00

Consoliplex ensures integrity and transparency by conducting fact-based decision-making, representing facts honestly, and providing transparent contractual arrangements with service providers to prevent conflicts of interest. Additionally, trustees have oversight over major transactions and plan manager contracts.

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